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The gas station occupies a prominent position along the grand highway that is American history. In the earlier times of the 1900s, gas was poured into your Model T by hand. By the 1950s, service stations were manned by a team of attendants that would check your oil, water, & tyres,  clean your windscreen and gas up your car. In the 1980s, self-service became the rule at all but a few old-fashioned stations. Nowadays everything is self service & automatic, and it would seem the days of special attention to the customer, has fallen by the wayside. But now, the huge interest in nostalgia has seen the restoration of a number of operational gas stations to what they were in the mid 1900s. One example of this is "Billy's Service Station" in California. Billy's is the centerpiece of Anaheim Boulevard, with eager attendants outfitted in snappy white shirts, black caps and bow ties standing ready and waiting to serve you, the customer.
I first got the idea to build a full size authentic replica of Billy's on my own property, when visiting America about 6 years ago, and started collecting old signs, gas pumps, coke fridges etc for restoration. In 1998 a close friend of mine, Peter Andresen from Adelaide and I got together and began planning the Project, utilising a large farm shed located on my property as the site for Billy's. Through Peters generosity and knowledge, and helping me to expand my collection of Mobilia, I was able to to begin construction in Feb 1999. My two boys & myself worked solidly in our spare time for about 4 months, erecting facades, painting etc, and time from June to September was spent installing Mobilia to bring the project to its present state of completion.During the construction, Peter travelled to Brisbane to see how progress was going, and to imput further ideas which we took on board and are extremely grateful for. My future ideas and intentions are to build onto Billy's, an authentic
"American Diner", this will probably start within the next 12 months.    
I would like to thank the Holden Dealer Team located in Melbourne, who run in the V8 Supercar Races, similar to the Nascar events in America, for their support in my project.The Eliminators American Hotrod Car Club, Queensland, have held a number of Rallys starting or finishing at "Billy's". The club appreciates the atmosphere here,and the photographic opportunities to support their Rods & Drag Cars. This is a non-commercial site and no charges whatsoever are made for any visit.Any other Car Buffs who would like to enjoy this venue for photographs etc, please Email me through the Link on the last page.Also please sign my Guest Book with any comments or suggestions for further improvements to "Billy's". A small momento will be mailed to you in return for constructive ideas.

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